Suite of Logos:
We extended UIS's existing suite of logos to include programs for EMIS, COVID Response and ISCED.The new logos need to align with the existing ones on gray below
The EMIS logo visualizes: making something work, bringing various aspects of a task
to work together for a common goal, management.
 ISCED visualizes streamlining/standardizing + education/documents.
COVID-19: To make the logo fit in seemlessly with the main UIS logo, the “open circle/pie chart” functions as basis. 
Regional Reports:
We launched a series of regional reports for UIS. Playing on the language of data and statistics, our design system  breaks down images and country shapes into the simple graphic units of squares.
Below is the first in a series of regional reports.
Data visualization:
We designed a data visualization system to clearly deliver different layers of information for 133 countries.

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