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woven identities: exhibition catalogue and collateral

Our work with the Walther Collection continues with Woven Identities: Textiles and photographs from West Africa from the Weickmann and Walther collections, presented by the Ulm Museum.

In dialogue with African photographs from the Neu-Ulm Walther Collection, the significance and tradition of African textiles in history and today are revisited. Contemporary photographs by African artists showing men and women who express their identity through their clothing demonstrate the significance of dress across the centuries.





Based on the connective, symbolic and historic qualities of fabric that the exhibition highlighted, we created a typographic system where type becomes the fabric that brings together the exhibition content and materials. To reflect the “diagonal” importance of clothing across cultures, and introduce the exhibition’s featured objects as an artform, we tilted and cropped the robe featured as the centerpiece of the exhibition. 

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exhibition poster



exhibition catalogue

Woven materials. Woven type.


Type becomes fabric in the materials and booklet for the Museum Ulm’s exhibition