frank lowe: out loud
triple point records

Following our design for the Grammy-nominated, and PRINT magazine award winning 5-LP box set by free-jazz trailblazers the New York Art Quartet, we were happy to design another deluxe set for Triple Point Records, by American saxophonist–composer Frank Lowe. 

For this 2-LP set, a limited edition of 550 hand-numbered copies, we designed the gatefold jacket, LP labels and accompanying 40-page booklet. On the cover, we announced the bold, adventurous music inside by overlaying two black-and-white photographs of the saxophonist and bringing the title to life in tighly-spaced, bold type, in a bright, vibrant red that carries through the booklet. As Frank Lowe’s improvisational music was different each time it was played, we designed each page of the, 2-color book differently, while still staying within a grid. 

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brochure bound with red wire



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