praise for record packaging design
on free jazz collective

” …New York Art Quartet’s Call it Art, a five LP box set (…) is one of the most beautiful and simply greatest releases in the last two years as to music, design and liner notes…”

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“…Their latest effort is Frank Lowe Quartet’s Out loud and sometimes packaging says a lot about an album. In times where so much is reduced to a click on some data, it’s a pleasure holding some cardboard, vinyl and glossy paper. One of the striking things is the bold design with crisp lettering and a striking orange, white and black color palette. The design carries through the 38-page booklet that accompanies the double album release. The booklet is packed with historical, biographical, and technical essays, along with wonderful black-and-white photography and scrapbook entries of concert posters and tickets stubs. There is also an online access code to rare video footage of the band in action…”