foreground music
hill & dale

As record stores everywhere were disappearing, Rob Norton had a vision for a new kind of record store. He wanted a comfortable boutique with a curated selection of vinyl in a flexible gallery space that would include music-related photography and artwork. We were truly excited to help Rob bring his vision to life.

We named Hill & Dale after the vertical grooves in the phonograph cylinder, an ancestor of the vinyl record, developed just up the street in Washington, D.C. from where Rob’s store would open. Supporting lines “a record parlor” and “foreground music” hint at Hill & Dale’s mission.

Visually, we started with the square shape of a record sleeve. Simply rotating the square 45° gave us hill on top, dale on bottom, and echoed the diamond shape of the city. The serif typeface Prestige 12 Pitch gave us a tactile feel and a beautiful ampersand as the centerpiece of the name. 


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