guiding environmental legislators
the world bank group

The World Bank Group asked us to design this Handbook for Environmental Regulators and Legislators working in situations affected by Fragility, Conflict and Extreme Violence as a handy toolkit with practical tips that is borne out of on-the-field experiences.

The job of an environmental regulator is generally a difficult one under the best of conditions.




We designed this handbook in 5×8″, with a focus on practicability and navigation. As the book is intended to be a living document, pages for notes are included and each section comes with a short summary of highlights at the top of the page. Navigation in the upper-left corner of the spread summarizes the content of the spread. Colors distinguish chapters, and are derived from: nature (green) and conflict (red). Red and green are on opposite sides of the color wheel, representing disharmony/conflict. Images are black/white with increased contrast to achieve a more dramatic effect. Several smaller images make up one mood-collage.